Electronic Records- NUMI- MBR- SSID

SSA Electronic Records

  • NUMI or Numident (Numerical Identification System) contains an abstract of the information contained in an application for a United States Social Security number (Form SS-5).
  • MBR (Master Beneficiary Record) – stores the date of entitlement, the monthly cash benefit amount, Medicare data and other pertinent SSDI financial data.
  • SSID (Supplemental Security Income Display) – SSI program data, with a complete record of the cash benefits paid, scheduled medical review dates, and other work incentives used for both
  • SSI cash benefits and Medicaid. The SSID record provides a monthly listing of estimated or verified earnings.
  • DEQY (Detailed Earnings Query)
  • SEQY (Summary Earnings Query) – stores the annual earnings as reported by employers and self-employed individuals to the IRS and to SSA.
  • DCF (Disability Control File) – stores the number of Trial Work Period Months used, Medical Re-exam dates and other decisions about work activity and medical recovery.

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